Skill Window

This means (Skill points spent) / (Maximum skill points).
Every time you read a skill book, the skill points spent increase, until it is equal to the maximum skill points. Maximum skill points are initially equal to your level, but you can increase the value by completing some quests which give skill points as rewards.

Each class has its unique skills given from the start.
Unique skills do not have any steps or levels, so it cannot be learned.

Some skills come bundled together. When you learn one of them, you automatically learn the other called 'Alternative skill', and it costs one skill point.

This shows the current level of the skill.
You need to spend one skill point to learn a book. The requirements to read the next book in the series will rise. You must learn six books of the same skill to advance to the next level.

When a skill advances to the next level, the next skill starts from step 0 again.
You must read an appropriate skill book to increase an step of the skill.

Skill Description
Place a mouse cursor on a skill icon to see its description.

Shows all 4 levels of the skill series and highlights the current level with yellow color.

Shows the skill description including required MP and the other things.

Briefly explains how to activate the skill.

Skill Types
screenshot Passive skills are always active once learned and do not need to be activated. screenshot Instance skills take effect as soon as they are activated. These skills cannot penetrate Mana Cell or Flexibility, unless they have the ability to undo enchantments.
screenshot Chant skills allows positive effects such as extra attack or defence and can be used to enchant everyone in the party or nearby allies. screenshot Cast skills require charging before they can take effect, and the longer they are charged, the more powerful they are. These skills can penetrate Mana Cell and Flexibility when they are cast at the 3rd level or higher.

Skill Limitations
Sometimes, you will not be able to learn a skill by right-clicking it. This may be because.
  • You are the wrong class.
  • You do not have a high enough stat to read the skill book.
  • You have reached the maximum skill point limit.
  • You have already achieved the sixth and highest step in that skill.
  • The skill you are trying to learn is of a different level in that skill. You cannot learn a level III skill until you have learned level I and II.