Account Protection
 2021-08-17 10:52:00   [GM]Matte

Account Protection


Thank you for supporting the ROW.

This announcement is related to account protection.

We have mentioned and announced many times that the operation team does not give protection for the shared/ traded accounts. 

We do not suspend the users for sharing/ trading accounts. 

However, when problems or critical damages happened we do not give protection for the damages.

It is important for users to take responsibility for the account. 

Once again, please do not share/ trade accounts for the safety of the account.

If any users have shared accounts previously, we recommend changing the password immediately.

Thank you

Best Regards/ ROW Team

  boganoid142022-02-02 15:12:13
is there a posibilty that the account can be recovered, it`s been a long time since this Game start, i was playing for almost 2-3 months then quit playing because of so busy at work no time to play, almost 4 years stop playing then now i`m coming back to play, but the problem is i forgot my account even my user and pass, all i remeber is i`m in MK side Gunner forgot also the Level i think the IGN is M-14 or M14
  niulovepei2022-05-14 17:37:42

I forgot the warehouse password
I sent you an email, no response
  seoulkorea822022-10-16 19:02:36
  noobGM2023-01-02 15:37:39
  noobGM2023-01-02 15:37:52
FuckYou GM
  bberun2023-04-22 21:05:10
  paekdumb2023-09-20 13:23:45
Fucking stupid gm! Close this server
  swordsmen1992023-10-18 14:02:26
i recently was playing this game and found out someone hacked into my computer while i was doing a quest and i couldn't log in for awhile and i hope when i play again this doesn't happen and so i can keep playing without worrying if the computer will shut down automatically