Information about lost item recovery
 2021-01-11 14:25:10   [GM]Matte

Information about lost item recovery


Thank you for supporting ROW.

This is information about the item recovery.

Many users have requested item recovery through email.

However, under our regulation, we do not recover the loss of an item caused by a personal mistake by selling in the general store.

Many users have requested support after sold the valuable item to the general store, and recovering the item takes a long time for investigation.


However, due to the report and request, our team decided to provide the recovering support with mall points.

If you have sold a valuable item to the store please follow the steps below:

1. Send an email to with information.

1) Account

2) Character name

3) Registered Email

4) Location of Map 

5) Exact Time and Date 

6) Lost item details

2. Wait for the reply and request for support. To receive the support relevant account must contain 2,000 mall points.

* We provide recovery item support for 2,000 mall points per item. 

If the relevant account does not have 2,000 mall points we can not provide the support. 

The main reason for this support is to provide recovery support for the users who mis-sold the valuable item to the general store.

**Contact GM Matt through Discord or send an email to for details about the recovering support. 

Thank you

Best Regard/ ROW Team 

  romysangcap2021-05-05 20:36:10
1. Batman21 2. Hashirama 3. 4.pirate 5. 7:00 to 7:30 6. potor helm 429def
  romysangcap2021-05-05 20:42:52
dont know if i drop my potor helm or Badsell because im log at that time. plssss help me GM?
  romysangcap2021-05-05 22:27:54
my potor helm is back ty Gm
  squirrel2023-07-04 16:49:46
  yamateh842024-07-07 19:21:08
hi i just buy 2 Stone of Oblivion Purchase but my item bag dont have this item so pls return my point or give me back my Stone of Oblivion