Points charge late after paid through PayPal
 2020-02-13 11:10:45   [GM]Matte

When points charge late after you paid through PayPal


ROW uses the payment system through PayPal.

PayPal is an international company that offers a variety of payment methods.

However, there are issues where points are not immediately charged after payment.


This is not a problem with the ROW website.

Sometimes payments are delayed from the PayPal system. Delay can take from 10 minutes to 4 hours to be solved. We are sorry about the inconvenience, but please be patient and wait.

PayPal 시스템으로 인해 포인트 지급이 10분에서 4시간 까지 지연 될 수 있습니다. 불편을 드려 죄송합니다.]

For your valuable payment, we will do our best to provide the best service. 

Thank you 
Best Regard/ ROW Team

  zamjazz32020-02-19 18:25:45
gash point also problem sir? i do topup usd but did get any point in my id plss look after this issue
  whtndlf12020-03-04 23:22:47
  Hulkking2020-05-10 06:29:23
i have register paypal . all done . but can't buy it . hmm
  NieLyx2020-05-13 16:54:21
i had trouble payment with paypal. how ?
  young34492020-05-18 19:10:14
  Sezakuri2020-09-09 16:40:39
i just topup but didnt get my points howwww????!!!!!
  Kwarrior2020-09-15 01:02:35
포인트 언제 들어오나요?
  tdz2332020-11-01 17:34:33
Is there any other way to buy points like credit card? PayPal is forbidden in my country? Thanks.
  los3212020-11-10 08:59:41
Hello i donated time ago but i didnt find the acc, can some1 help me?
  shadowman122020-12-13 21:32:33
  shadowman122020-12-16 22:08:34
  shadowman122020-12-16 22:09:03
why i cant pay now ?
  MaLaLove2021-02-23 17:07:06
  cdfgtr2021-03-01 07:42:30
  NoGood2021-04-05 12:54:21
결제를 했는데 아직 포인트가 안오르내여.
확인 간으한가여
  NoGood2021-04-05 12:54:40
확인 가능한가여??
  10gmrdn102021-05-30 17:23:44
  10gmrdn102021-06-01 20:05:50
  10gmrdn102021-06-01 20:07:11
대채 결제는어떡해야하는건가요 ㅜㅜ

  tataduduzizi2021-06-10 08:52:19
muito ruim essa forma de pagamento do paypal
  TitanRow2021-06-18 19:29:13
hi im having issue try to buy skill book but,from enternet explorer the webpage cannot be found..is it ur link may be out of date?? or can u gv me a link
  boganoid142022-02-02 16:24:25
Hi, can you please put payment method for us from the Philippines like GCash or Cellular like Globe or Smart, i`d like to buy some items but i dont have that kind of payment method in your List, than you, god bless and more power...
  Cobuzz2022-05-13 14:04:02
Hi GM, i've top up some thru Gash point. would you mind to check? coz i still got 0 point in my account.
  Pbaram2022-07-05 19:57:14
결제 했는데 포인트는 언제 들어오나요 확인해주세요
  ROGERDAT2022-07-31 01:46:27
  CNSWKekddd2022-08-03 11:57:23
50불 결제 했는데 포인트가 안들어옵니다.
카드사 연락허니 카드사쪽은 결제가 됏는데......페이팔쪽에서 승인이 늦어지고 있다고 하던데 이런 상황이면 어찌해야 하나요? 현재 2일이나 지나가고 있습니다?
  wkqco111112022-09-23 10:07:00
페이팔 에서 결제완료되고 요시측으로 보냇다고 메일왔습니다만.. 포인트는 안들어오네요.. 마스터 메일에 메일도 보냇습니다. 빠른처리 부탁드립니다.
  noobGM2023-01-02 15:39:32
Why are you Fucking noob GM
  baby1112023-03-29 14:35:08
hi GM
  zenextion2023-04-14 19:34:33
hi gm why still no get point?????
  xlsek0112023-04-19 20:56:01
50불결제 통장에서 66700원이아닌 7만원이 빠져나갔습니다.
  JasonWCT2024-01-10 04:53:17
  fhtmqmfmzm2024-01-13 01:21:17
현재 가지고 있는 포인트 회수 못하나요?
  MENTALLEAR2024-02-26 01:56:37
  MENTALLEAR2024-03-02 20:53:20