System Menu
Hotkey [ F11 ]
Action Toggles the system menu on/off

Takes you to the character selection window. There is 9 seconds delay.

Takes you to the options settings window.

Exists the RoW Client. There is 9 seconds delay.

Closes the system menu.
General Settings

For the general in-game settings

Declines the selected interaction with the other players.

Shows the selected sort of messages in the chat window.

Shows the selected names.
Effects Settings

For the graphic effect settings

Shows the selected skill effects.

Shows the selected buff effects.

Enables equipments glow.
Sound Settings

For the sound settings

Controls the master volume.

Controls the background music volume.

Controls the environment sound volume.
83 mulbaimma 417139
89 ChoE 411432
92 Excel 377507
89 JuSaKi_RN 364091
90 RAYITA 359182
90 WRECK- 353090
86 RubySpheres 330148
93 MokSSonDa 323162
92 -Fantastic_ 319651
90 Marten 290133