Once you've chosen your nationality, you can create your character. You may create up to 5 characters per account.

Click on one of the floating question marks to open a window for creating a character.
You can start choosing a name and a class for your character. You will be able to modify your character's appearance, and you will also need to assign bonus stat points.
Enter the name of your character.
* Using a name that violates our Service Agreement and Rules of Conduct will result in immediate suspension of your account.
Select a gender. It's only available for humans and there is no gender difference.
Select the hairstyle.
Select the face.
Select the default outfit. It's only available for humans and more outfits are sold in the store.
Choose an initial class. You can upgrade your class based on your initial class.
Rotate your character 360 degrees.
Basic Stats
The basic stats are STR, DEX, CON, INT and WIS. The basic stats cause various influences based on the character's class. Each class receives special bonuses based on their stats, some of which are specific solely to that class. The primary stats will have a great deal of influences while the others have some influences.
Strength affects physical attack power.
Dexterity affects ability to evade as well as speed, skill duration, casting time, and rate of critical hits.
Constitution determines your maximum HP and HP recovery rate.
Intelligence determines your maximum MP, MP recovery rate, and magical power. It also affects magic resistance.
Wisdom determines your maximum MP, MP recovery rate, and magical power. It also affects magic resistance.
Bonus Point
A new character receives 5 bonus stat points to assign. You can increase a stat using a bonus stat point. A character receives 2 stat points at each level-up. You need to spend 2 stat points to increase primary stats, and 1 stat point for the other stats.
Please click button to finish creating a character.
Each character automatically gains certain stats at each level-up based on its class, and these stats also have influences on a character's ability. Please check the description of classes before you assign the stat points.
You will find a complete description of the classes at [Game Data -> Classes].
You can redistribute all stat points using an item called "Stone of Rebirth".