ClientSetup.exe is an application for adjusting the client settings according to your preference. It consists of 4 tabs.
System tab displays your computer's details.
General tab allows you to choose the language or/and the general graphic settings.
Graphic Card
If you have more than one graphic card, please choose that best suits your requirements.
Higher resolution makes the screen much clearer while lower resolution provides smoother gameplay.
Window Mode
If you want to play on window mode, Check this.
Depth Bits
Higher color depth gives a broad range of distinct colors.
Refresh Rate
Higher refresh rate decreases flickering for CRT monitors.
You can choose your language for the client. This doesn't limit the language you can type in the chat line. You can type any language based on your window language setting.
Multibyte Characters Support
Check this to read multibyte characters sets such as Chinese/Japanese/Korean. If you turn this option off, then multibyte characters will not be displayed in the chat window.
Advance Tab allows you to change the custom graphics level.
Char. Shadow
Enables or disables shadows of characters.
House Shadow
Enables or disables shadows of buildings.
View Range
Determines the distance you can see in-game. Higher view range provides more stable landscape sceneries.
Texture Quality
Higher quality provides more detailed textures.
Enables or disables grass on the ground.
Effect Tab toggles the effect graphics.
Screen Effect
Enables or disables the screen effects such as shaking and gray tones.
Water Effect
Enables or disables the water movement and reflections.
Weather Effect
Enables or disables the weather effect such as rain and snow.