Guild fortresses are your guild headquarters, only available in Caernarvon.
Your guild members can attain fame points by successfully defending your fortresses.
You can also transform the fortress into a guild store or mining machine.
Build a Fortress
If you are a guild master, you can construct a guild fortress on an open field after purchasing a Guild Fortress Starter Kit from the seige weapons merchant near Pirate Town. You right-click on the kit, then select 'Yes' to build a fortress. Fortresses cannot be created inside a field belonging to other guilds. To verify that an area is free of another guild's infulence, bring up the large map.

• It takes 5 minutes to complete building a fortress.
Once a guild fortress is built, guild members can use the fortress as a re-spawning position. Teleport scrolls sold in the special medal stores can move you to designated fortresses. Fortresses will also attack the near enemies during war time.

• Only guild masters can construct guild fortresses.
Upgrade a Fortress
You can upgrade a fortress to make it stronger or transform to guild store or mining machine for a variety of features. You can transform a guild fortress after it's upgraded at least once.
Select 'Upgrade Guild Fortress'.
You need a certain amount of siege materials to upgrade or repair your fortresses.

• Each guild fortress upgrade requires 30 pieces of siege material.

• You can purchase the siege matierials in the special medal store.
The guild fortress is upgraded. Upgraded fortress has higher HP and hit points.
You can upgrade the fortress up to level 5.
Guild Store
Upgraded fortress can be transformed into a guild store. Your guild members can use the guild store to buy, sell or repair items like a public store, but transactions will be taxed.
Click 'Change to Store' to proceed.
• It takes 5 minutes to transform and requires (Level of Guild Fortress x 10) pieces of siege material.

• Each guild store upgrade requires 40 pieces of seige material.

Mining Machine
Upgraded fotress can be transformed into a mining machine. You can use the mining machine to mine gems and metals around the area.
Select 'Change to Mining Machine' to proceed.
• It requires (Level of Guild Fortress x 20) or (Level of Guild Store x 10) pieces of seige material.

• Each mining machine upgrade requires 50 pieces of seige material.
• It takes 5 minutes to complete the transformation.
Target the mining machine and right-click to bring up this menu in order to activate it or change its settings.
Mining machines are not activated at default. In order to activate a mining machine, you need to bring up 'Mining Machine Status Window' and click 'Mining On'.

Activated mining machines mine gems or/and metals for a week and guild masters can harvest them at 13:00 every Sunday (GMT).

Guild masters have all authority over guild fortresses, guild stores and mining machines, however guild masters can give authority to guild administrators or/and guild members.
Earth Energy
  • There is 'Earth Energy' in mineral veins and you cannot know its value.
  • The earth energy of each area is initially set to 100 and each mining machine will consume one earth energy each day. If there is multiple activated mining machines in the same area, the total amount of minerals mined will be divided by the number of the mining machines.
  • If there is no earth energy in the area, mining machines can't mine any gem or metal.
  • All mining machines in the area must be turned off in order to restore one earth energy point each day.
Mineral Deposit Kit
You can purchase 'Mineral Deposit Kit' sold by the seige weapon merchant and use it to check the estimated amount of mineral deposits in the area.
Right-click on 'Mineral Deposit Kit' to use it. It will take about one minute to get the result pane.
The result will be shown in the screen. The estimated amount is based on the maximum earth energy.