Set the Guild Authority

Guild Treasury Withdrawl - Sets ability to withdraw gold from the guild treasury by guild members.

Invite to Guild - Gives authority to guild members to invite others to join the guild.

Approval to Join - Gives authority to guild members to approve standby members for full guild membership.

Expel Guild Members - Gives authority to an Intermediate Manager to eject a member from the guild.

Transfer the Guild Master's Authority
If the guild master leaves the guild without designating an heir to his authority, it will be automatically given to the member with the highest rank.

If the guild master deletes the guild master character, that character will be automatically removed from the guild and the authority of the guild master will be passed on to the member with the highest rank.

If there are more than 2 members with the highest rank, (for instance, 2 Intermediate Managers, or 2 official guild members of high rank), the guild master's authority will be randomly assigned to one of those members.
Guild members in 'standby' mode will not be able to receive the guild master's approval until a new guild master has been designated.
Guild Window
 Current Balance - Shows the gold currently stored in the guild treasury.

 Withdraw - Withdraws gold stored in the guild treasury.

 Deposit - Deposits gold to the guild treasury.

 Details - Shows the history of transactions. (Not available at the moment)

 Release - Divides and distrubutes gold stored in the guild treasury equally among members.(Guild Master only)

 Change - Increase the maximum number of guild members.(Guild Master only)
 Sorting - Sorts the list of guild members according to certain categories.

 List of Members - Shows the list of guild members with their names, positions in the guild and more.

 Member Information - Shows some information of the selected guild member.

 War Status - Shows whether the selected guild member will automatically join guild wars or not..

 Participate - Join guild wars automatically.

 Abstain - Abstains you from joining guild wars automatically.  Authority - Shows the guild authority settings.

 Withdraw - Lets you leave the guild. You will be on the 'Standby for leave' list and you will be removed from the guild after 24 hours or immediately with the guild master's approval.
Declare War / Peace
 Enemy Status - Shows your current enemy.
Guilds can become enemies regardless of nationality. Once they become enemies, they are hostile. They can attack each other, but they cannot fight each other in designated safety/peace zones. Enemy guild members cannot converse with one another.

 Cautious war
Declare cautious war status on the selected guild. Cautious war status will be cancelled when the opposing guild's fortresses are all destroyed or when guild war time ends.

 Make enemy
Declare enemy status on the selected guild. You can declare war against only one guild at a time. In order to declare war against another guild you must make a peace treaty with your current enemy.
 Make peace
Declare peace status on the selected guild. In order to end the hostile status an agreement between both guilds is required.
Dissolve a Guild
  • The Guild Master can kick out all the other members, and quit the guild himself to dissolve the guild.