Q: GameGuard error 620
 2017-01-07 10:34:15.0   master

In case of GameGuard 620 error, it is anerror that occurs due to GameGuard initialization failure while the GameGuardmodule is shutting down.
For this part, please check FAQ about the game guardinitialization error 114 and I would like to confirm the following comments.

** GameGuard initialization error FAQ:

1) Please update your security patch to prevent malicious code.
Please make sure that your Windows security patches are up-to-date beforeproceeding with the latest patches.
Please run the game after rebooting the PC. when you proceeding the patches.

2) Please confirm the version of the graphics driver installed in your currentPC environment.
If the graphics driver is older (2016 or earlier), you may experience problemsplaying the game, and the graphics driver should be installed with the latestversion driver.

3) Certain programs or processes can affect the execution of the game and causeproblems. The program (process) unrelated to the game will be closed for awhile through the Task Manager.

  master 2017-05-27 09:23:20
Unusual, TeamViewer12 version can cause 620 error.

It is also a good idea to remove Teamviewer12 from Task.
  Wisedon 2017-08-17 12:22:43
I've tried, but still error "Game Guard has been aborted"
  ahseng 2018-10-25 03:09:50
GM pls help..... Game guard has been aborted
  dodongjek 2018-12-09 21:55:46
im suffering this problem i cant login :(((((( please help me fix it
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