Magic stat
 2021-09-02 23:32:00   Clozer

Hello. I am a single user who is raising the Human Sorceress.

I have one question.

As you know, the magic power level is limited and very difficult to raise.

Please check whether the magic value of 100 in the costume is applied properly.

The stats before and after transformation are different.

But the damage is the same.

I want to know if this costume is applied correctly.

  [GM]Human2021-09-06 10:20:58
You can check out if it is applied by pressing 'u' and see the 'Magic' stat. Alternate between taking on and off the costume and check out the 'Magic' stat chages. If it does not change, please send us an email at with the screenshots of stats of both status.
Also, you can check out the estimate of the damages if you put a mouse over the skill on skill panel-button 'i'. The 'Magic Damage' is the range of expected damage to the monster. However, you should note that the damage decreases if the target creature has magic resistance.
The number you'll see there is only applied to target creatures with magic damage 0.