blacksmith's suggestion
 2021-06-29 06:47:54   malvinas

Hi , I havea problem with the blacksmith quest. Don’t appears on lvl 15 and I thought it wouldcame after but the quest never show up.

Now I amlvl 80 I cant upgrade and tranfers stats on my sets, need to fix this bug or problem don’t know whathappened. Please need help.

  GMHuman2021-06-29 09:18:08
You might have already accepted the quest and that's why it doesn't appear. In that case, please look up the quest tab by pressing "t". After you check out both the "Quest" and "Completed" tabs, if "Balcksmith's Suggestion" doesn't exist, you may want to send an email at with screenshot that describe the error.
Also, 1) Account
2) Character name
3) Registered Email
should be included in the email. Thank you.
  malvinas2021-06-29 11:36:00
ok , no it doesn't appear blacksmith's suggestion in both , i already sent an e mail to that direction but not include a photo
  GMHuman2021-06-30 08:16:45
We replied to your email. Please checkout your email box.