Free coupons(you can get points) for new player!!
 2018-10-29 15:17:40.0   ARESssss

Hello Row World. This Is ---Ares--- who playing Human side.

As you all know, Currently, the ROW management team seeks new users through various promotions.

The first promotion is as follows.
1. After a sufficient preliminary review by the ROW team, a small number of users are actively involved in low promotion and new users.
2. Provide 50 coupons for 100 points and 10 coupons for 1,000 points. (I just got it.)
3. Payment of the coupon is an option of an individual, an early new user or a new user rather than being used by a guild member or an existing user.
4. If new users are not secured properly, stop offering coupons.

Once a user is new to Row, it's hard for new users and return users to have fun with PVP.
Therefore, in the case of me, I want to secure new users and hope that users will have a little fun and attachment.
I have taken several pictures of the caricatures and uploaded them to the Blog and YouTube.

The conditions for payment of my coupon are relatively simple.…

The link above is my YouTube channel.

First, you can subscribe and like to see more new users.
You can leave your email address and the name of the character and whick siad do you play in the video or comment on the channel.

There is nothing that comes back to me when I come out.
There is not much I can do with a small amount of points.
I just want to be able to have a lot of people with good minds.

New users, and everyone who is already doing it, would be greatly appreciated.

I expect many comments and publicity.

100 points and 1000 points coupons will all be sent at random.

88 RAYITA 624510
88 Nightingale 562365
90 -PaiN- 515512
90 Hurricane 501017
90 Excel 439868
90 LeeSsang 427510
88 sub-k 419521
90 Naya-A-ayaN 414782
90 -Fantastic_ 401496
88 JuSaKi_RN 394747