How to use Manual Update
 2020-02-19 12:21:50   [GM]Matte

How to use Manual Update


This notice is to help users who faced a problem with the manual update. 

Most of the time, our launcher automatically download the manual update and apply to the game folder.

However, for the users have a problem with the manual update

We will explain the following steps for a manual update.

1. Download Manual Update from (

2. Create the new folder and decompress manual update on the new created folder. 

3. Copy all the content that decompressed from the manual update. 

4. Copy and paste decompressed Manual Update file into where ROW is installed.
(Basic location of the Installed file is C:\Program Files (x86)YouxiLand\ROW)

**If you have trouble with Manual Update please find GM Matt on Discord

Thank you

Best Regard/ ROW Team 

  ILOVEHOONY2020-05-07 21:27:23
  Mcmatth2020-05-28 00:43:30
there is a problem with the server and data communication.
error 1 Error.
and at the launching it show up with this " This page cant be displayed"
  Lauzarc2020-10-05 13:58:35
It works!
Thank you, GM.
  CryCry2020-10-20 13:45:33