WHEREABOUT BabiThork and the hack team?
 2022-11-17 16:22:14   Rico967
Where ? hiding ? 
  5sd63s6d2022-11-17 16:34:48
inside ur heart
  INDRRA2022-11-17 18:28:43
What happen? Did you miss your step father?
  FantasticXD2022-11-18 11:54:26
  Rico9672022-11-18 17:26:01

Boring by everyday jump on you ... Want to jump others Babi team member ~
  INDRRA2022-11-18 19:59:41
@Rico967 so now that you admit your really missing your stepfather right?
Oh BTW you are the No-1 shameless cleric in my ROW life hahaha
Everyday jump on me? After unbanned my ID I don't even seen you in front line? Where are you hiding? Hahahahaha .It was only 3-4 days ago that I found you and jumped on your dead body at right tower then now you angry and finding your stepfather? If they all released you will cry everyday my boy .just keep quiet and show your skill in war .ok my boy? ^_^
  Rico9672022-11-20 16:54:17

Hahaha, you retarted pity boy, are you standing front line to tank ? Seriously, did you know how to play the game or not? Priest standing in front to tank the enemy?

Ohh, come on... Go discuss with some pro player and learn how to play the game... remember, we are support, not tanker

Why not you ask me on why not seeing me killing ?

WTF on your silly arrogant statement (approximate age around 16 - 25 yrs old kid)
  Rico9672022-11-20 16:57:13

Furthermore, Bcoz of support not doing a silly tank ... thats why we kick your stupid ass back to the camp so many times, and jump on your stupid corpse.....
  Rico9672022-11-20 16:57:32
Guys, popcorn ready ~
  INDRRA2022-11-20 20:41:15
Hahahaha My boy .I got you .you are in my trap ..I just want to prove how was you are shameless . hiding behind and play support and how did you come front and jump on me? ??????????after me unbanned mk play at camp only so did you come inside and jump on me??? My boy please learn more . don't do shameless talk .ok My Boy ?
  Rico9672022-11-20 21:22:55
Ya, shameless to stay behind to let the entire team alive, killed your team.... that's my job, I never denied that ~~ Btw, I am happy to jump on you ~~ thanks bro ~
  SamTheRune2022-11-21 13:09:31
So pity when aqua talk big @rico967 dont cry too loud
Hurmmm very babi pity aqua
  LOVEBIGMOUTH2022-11-21 16:44:24
Aqua support aura ended in seconds even not tanking,seconds after body being jumped. HAHAHHA
  LOVEBIGMOUTH2022-11-21 16:47:27
Stupid aqua, u better upgraded ur set b4 babies back to the game and hunt u down,still using paper set u will be haunted by the name of BABY. HAHAHAHAHAHA
  Rico9672022-11-21 22:21:55
Whoaaaa, return of babi team by doing hack again ?
  SamTheRune2022-11-21 23:17:32
don't let your stupid spread to world laa .. bodoh and bebal aqua