Update_August, 16th, 2019
 2019-08-16 15:04:50.0   [GM]Matte

[Game Update] 


*Each war users can only defeat 3 Red monkeys.

If users defeats 74 Red monkeys in a High Statues War, Users will receive 1 Silver Box. User can obtain 1B gold and new accessories with a low chance of possibility.

There are three Conscientious monkeys towers in the center, and by destroying each tower will provide 10% of drop rate buff to users.

- Maximum Level 93

- Boss monsters will drop Unique Ring and Necklace on MAP2, MAP3, and MAP5.

- Added new equipment for the users of Lv. 75 or above.

* (This is a great opportunity to purchase S grade armors at cheap prices(medals) from Emkel NPC in Dismal Harbor.)

- New Area: East Centinel Island in CAERNARVON

* The Event is temporally unavailable. It will be resumed soon. List of item and way to obtain item will be changed through update. 

- Please keep the scroll, event will be resumed soon

- Changed minimum participate Lv to 40 for L war

- Added Evolution Ring/Necklace Lv. 2 

  *You can upgrade by using the current Evolution Rings and necklaces to Lv.2.  Please refer to the NPC in Map 1. 


- Added Fixed stats Magic Staff/ Scythe

   *You can obtain magic items by killing most powerful boss on Map 2.  

[Aug. Event]

- 100point Drawing game has opened for GOLD, GEM, Scroll Exchange Certificate, and Evo Atk, Def, Magic Ring&Necklace

- 100M EXP Crystal ball and 3 kinds of Accessories are available in Medal shop(Map 1).

  (You will be able to level up only by Lv. 1 with the EXP Crystal Ball.  Recommended for the character of Lv.60 or above)

- You will be able to get 4 types of Minerals from Map 5's Mysterious Black Market (Brown). (in low chance) 

- You will be able to get 4 types of Minerals from every map. (in low chance) 

  (Mystique stone, Inca Stone, Feature Stone, Nuc stone)

  ** A teleport scroll for East Centinel Island is available from the NPC in Map 1. 

- Akkan and Human Map1-2 EXP +300% for New members

- Map 3 Exp +300%

- Map 5 Exp +200%

- Added A-Grade item as the reward on Lv.56 quest(Grak'auk)

- +200% Medals in H Statue War

-  20% Medals of the purchased item price

- Refine Rate +30%(Rise in the smelting success rate)

- Drop rate +100%

- Increased gem drop rate by 30%

- Increasing Metal Drop rate +100%

- Increased gem drop rate through mining by 20%

90 ChoE 474422
92 Excel 456803
83 mulbaimma 442771
90 RAYITA 430052
89 JuSaKi_RN 428850
89 RubySpheres 421642
90 WRECK- 408592
93 MokSSonDa 346343
90 Masterpiece 341404
92 -Fantastic_ 337143