UPDATE 30. Nov, 2018
 2018-11-30 09:48:01.0   [GM]Master


- Maximum Level 90

- BOSS drop Unique RING and Necklace on MAP2, MAP3, MAP5

- Map 1, 2 BOSS drop Normal Stone Items

- Honor Statue added

For the species who acquired the Honor statue located in the middle of the field, 9 points per minute medal bonus will be rewarded. (When the Statute War is ended, the reward will be stopped)

* Your character should be located within certain distance to get medal rewards. For your tips, you would be able to get the reward points if you are in visual range from the Honor tower.

[November Event]

- Normal Monster will drop Bronze Key in All Map(You can change to Golden, Silver key in Pirate Village) *Can't Get it easy

  (Rewards for the Key Event will be changed to Metal in Pirate Village, Also you can summon Monster in H-war by Silver Key)

- Normal Monster will drop Exp Crystal Ball. (*Can't Get it easy)

- New Gears for the users over level 75. 

 (Spectacular opportunities to purchase S lv gears with cheap medals from Emkel NPC in Dismal Harbor.)

- Mysterious Black Market Event(using by Heavy Kryo BOX or 4 Stone) in MAP3, 5

- Add Typical Potion's in General Store(Tessetio, Unite, Pirate)

- Akkan and Human Map1-2 EXP +300% for New members

- Map 3 Exp +300%

- Map 5 Exp +200%

- Many Gifts B-Grade items for low level(Below 45 levels)

- Gift A-Grade item by 56 level quest(Grak'auk)

- Presentation +200% Medal in H Statue War

- Drop rate +200%

- Increased odd of gem drops by 30%

- Increasing Metal Drop rate +150%

- Increased odd of gem drops through mining by 20%

90 RAYITA 721324
88 Nightingale 613460
90 -PaiN- 569160
90 Excel 506767
90 Hurricane 501017
90 ANBEE_GUN 472181
88 JuSaKi_RN 469278
90 Naya-A-ayaN 464710
90 -Fantastic_ 464624
86 RubySphere 419926