Update News_October, 30th, 2020
 2020-10-30 09:13:43   [GM]Matte

[Game Update]

- Max level 93

- Guild War every Sat/ Sun 20:00 to 20:30 PM GMT+8

- Near Edinburgh Castle of CAERNAVON, new boss-class monsters will appear and will drop the paid items and A/B grade gear. [Regen every 8 hours]

*Stone of Oblivion, Stone of Rebirth, Stone of Endurance, Name Change Permit, Gem Crusher, Socket Puncher, Blacksmith's Insurance 

- East Centinel Island will have a really powerful [Forceful] Boss that drops the level 1 Evo Accessories and A graded with normal drop ratio. [Regen every 12 hours]

- Added items at Medal stores for high prices. 

*Stone of Oblivion, Stone of Rebirth, Stone of Endurance, Name Change Permit, Gem Crusher, Socket Puncher, Blacksmith's Insurance

- Increased major Gems price at medal store. 

*Deleted all gems from medal store except 5 major gem. 

- The following items have been added to Item Mall:

(1) Scroll to Edinburgh Castle, a scroll that can teleport to CAERNAVON.

(2) Scroll that can Respawn (Teleport Scroll)

(3) Certificate that can exchange to Scroll to East Centinel Island (Scroll Exchange Certificate)

- Both KR/MK use same respawn area in CAERNAVON 

ex) Both KR/MK can move to all respawn area and not the own race camp. 

- All scroll that used to teleport to CAERNAVON is disabled. (Scroll to East Centinel Island is able to use)

- Menu of Guild Officer has been deleted. Which means users can not teleport to CAERNAVON through Guild Officer.

- Every 2:00 AM GMT+8 and 14:00 PM GMT+8 all users in the CAERNAVON will move to other maps. This is to prevent people who stays only in the camp, and illegal spy characters.

- Power of Fame Quest has Opened

**This quest can be obtained from the Cadrea Bishop and the Decentant of the Ancients at Almighty Land.

Reward for 100,000 Quest- 1ea Gold Box

Reward for 200,000 Quest- 1ea Gold Box, Holy Orb of Exp 30ea, Almighty Orb 30ea

- Ring of Spell added in the Item mall (Needed to upgrade Evo acc lvl3)

- Each Tower from Low/ High Statue War will provide 80% of Exp boost after the War. 

- The entry level for the High War has been changed to be available from level 81.

- The price of Viceroy's Protection has changed to 200 Medal, Human/ Akkan can purchase through Medal shop. 

[November Event]

- Web draw has opened. It is possible to obtain Normal gem, Cleric costume, and Lucky Ichman Costume through Web draw.

* Dazzling Girl(Cleric) can be obtained from the web draw with a Magic power 10- 100 or HP 100- 1000. 

* Lucky Ichman Costume can be obtained from the web draw with a +100 lucky chance. 


- High Statue War Medal Event, users can obtain double the medal through Hight SW.

- Bronze Key Event Started, all monsters will drop the bronze key. 

- 1M gold will drop from all monster (Temporary Event)

- Auto Level up temporarily from Pirate Village from level 40 to 79 with 86% of EXP.  *It may change due to the remaining EXP

- Increased +200% of B graded from all Blackmarket (4%). 

- Upgrade at Blacksmith (Refine Rate) +40% (Rise in the smelting success rate)

- Increased experience of Map 4 (CAERNAVON) to 3 times (*3)

  (Decreased drop ratio of gem slightly)

- Through NPC [Pahroo] at Opeany and [Kurtis] at Aldia Harbor users can obtain S Armor Set with an Exchange Ticket. (S Armor Exchange ticket sold on Webpage Item Mall Supply Section)

- All users have a low chance to obtain fixed weapon and skill stone from the golden box at Pirate Village.

  (Added lucky chance +100 Ichman Costume with a low chance.)

- Weapon and gear can be obtained from the Pirate Village's Gold/ Silver/ Bronze Box

- Exp of Map3 (ALMIGHTY LAND) has increased by 900%

- Exp rate of Map 5 (KARTEHENA) has increased by 500%

- All drop rate of Fehu has increased by 200% for all monsters except Map5.

- Gem drop rate of all monster in Map5 (KARTEHENA) has increased 300%

- Number of monsters on Map 4 (CAERNAVON) has increased double.

- Increased gem drop rate through mining by 20%