Power of Fame Quest opened
 2020-06-15 11:24:11   [GM]Matte

This is GM Team that always try our best for your enjoyment with appreciation.

We have opened the Power of Fame quest that was already announced.

As a quest to gain Fame, and reward users as below:

Achieve 100,000 Fame = 1ea Gold Box
Achieve 200,000 Fame = 1ea Gold Box, Holy Orb of Exp 30ea, Almighty Orb 30ea

Achieve 300,000 Fame = 1 Power of FameScroll

Achieve 400,000 Fame = 1 Power of FameScroll

Achieve 500,000 Fame = 1 Power of FameScroll

These are a list of rewards for the quest of Fame.

Required Item: Evolution Accessory level 2 1ea, Power of Fame Scroll 1ea, and Ring of Spell 1ea.

This quest can be obtained from the Cadrea Bishop and the Descentant of the Ancients (Bareha) at Almighty Land (SouthWestern part of Almighty Land).

Power of Fame Scroll is an important item to get Evolution Accessories level 3. Please keep it carefully.

Power of Fame Scroll can be obtained through the Descentant of the Ancients, and need Ring of Spell that can be purchased through the Supply section in the Item Mall.

This quest can only be completed once per character, and it is recommended that you complete the quest before the Fame reset at the end of June.

ROW has Season 1 (Jan to June) and Season 2 (July to Dec). Every end of Seasonwe reset the fame before the season begins.

Be sure to complete the quest before the fame resets at the end of June.

Thank you again, and we hope everyone enjoys ROW.

Best Regard/ ROW Team