Achieve fame! Amazon Coupon ($) Event
 2019-10-04 10:44:05.0   [GM]Matte

Achieve fame! Amazon Coupon ($) Event


GM team is planning on a variety of events.

For the October event, we want to provide Amazon gift coupon worth $ 600 for the users.

This event is open to everyone on the server, so please enjoy it.

-Event Content-

1. Title: Achieve fame for the name

2. Description: Achieve the last three digits of fame to 999. Regardless of the front number of fame, Only the last three digits. (Ex. 999, 1999, 5999, 21999, etc.)

3. How to participate: Take a screenshot with1) Character name 2) Fame, and post on both Discord (Amazon-gift-event) and General discussion on .

4. Eligibility: All users in the server

5. Event Period: October 4, to October 18. (Will be announced at 17:00 PM)

6. Awards and Methods: We will draw out of all the participated users who uploaded on both Discord and discussion. The prize will be given to 5 users. 1)200$ for 1st place. 2) 100$ for 2-4thplace.

7. Notice: There will be restrictions on the account who upload by editing with Photoshop or fixed image.


The purpose of this event is to activate the website and Discord. We look forward to two weeks of fun participation!

* Amazon gift coupon is coupon ($) everyone can use it as cash on Global eShop on Amazon site.


Thank you!

Best Regard/ ROW Team


90 ChoE 474422
92 Excel 456803
83 mulbaimma 442771
90 RAYITA 430052
89 JuSaKi_RN 428850
89 RubySpheres 421642
90 WRECK- 408592
93 MokSSonDa 346343
90 Masterpiece 341404
92 -Fantastic_ 337143