Final warning for malicious group farming
 2019-10-01 16:25:04.0   [GM]Matte

Final warning for malicious group farming


This is the final warning for malicious group farming. We have done a lot of research and gathered specific groups who share account for farming.

From now on we will ban account immediately without warning or notice. We have warned users many times to make a clean game atmosphere, but nothing has changed and we are disappointed about this situation.

This is not about the race and we hope this game to understand and share between the user, but We have determined that certain groups are not. Once again, we will ban the account without notice.

For the serious case, we will block the entire IP address of the country.

Our internal regulations considered this problem as abusing.

We have allowed users to sell an account or borrow account because we did not want to infringe users own rights. Sharing accounts is good ways to create a community where users can enjoy together. However, these malicious farming damages to innocent users, so the operation team will stop all the malicious group from the server.

Please stop all malicious group farming. This is the final warning/ notice about the problem and will be ban without warning/notice.

Thank you
Best Regard/ ROW MASTER

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