Announcement for Operation and Development
 2019-03-22 12:20:07.0   [GM]Master

An Announcement for Operation and Development Plans of 'ROW’

Hi, warriors! This is ROW dev team, and we are very thank you for loving our ROW.

Now that YOUXILAND's operations team has added new staffs and has been ready to promote our game greatly. For more, We are waiting for your precious opinions. The channels to communicate with you and listen to your feedback are always open.

Tell us anything you think for ROW! Any suggestions, comments, we eagerly await everything from you! Please contact via our Discord, official e-mail(, and we will reply as soon as possible.

We are sure of that a balance of the inter-faction battle got stable due to various changes, including in-game balance adjustments. Of course, ROW is a game that has been in service for a long period of time, and it is very hard work to correct the imbalances that occur in all types of users' play style on this kind of game.

Our staffs work hard for ROW. And we are very happy to think that we can show you amazing contents that will give you new and interesting experiences.

For your information, Below are some things you should be aware of for our future plan:

1. We promise that there will never be any kind of stealth patches. We know some bugs and controversial issues in the game right now. To correct this, our staffs will continue to look carefully at the situation in the game.

2. We are going to improve the damage of the exclusive skill of Human Warrior character. The reason is that the damage of exclusive skill is lower than that of the hard-hit skill, but we are wondering how much more % of the damage we should improve than now. Please share your opinions about this issue If you don't mind. Contact us via ONLY (not to Discord). The patch for it will be on the next update expected in April.

3. We're definitely taking strong action against the wrong behavior(Abusing etc.).

 Thanks to that, there aren't many problematic characters these days, but still, we're sanctioning them through checks and reports.

Sometimes it's hard for us to give you an accurate answer whenever you ask us about the high-level character and why they got banned.

And We can assure you, our operations team didn't do anything that was biased. Of course, it won't be. There will also be an unfair case of sanction, but generally, the problem is the one caused by the person.

4. Finally, the operating team will continue to open new content what you guys want.

We are currently wrapping up our last costume, Priest, and Life, and some of the features in Map 4 have been completed. We can't reveal everything at once, but we'll build a new war zone with various quests to keep it all fun.

We are also developing new fixed items (weapons, defenses). We're running a little slow due to continued development, but we're trying to make sure you enjoy it.

MMORPG is based on tribal war, In general, We think it's good for people to play games with mutual understanding. There is an inevitable gap between paying and non-pay users. To coexist within a large boundary of the same tribals, as a result, is to have an advantage.

We ask for your patience and kind understanding.

Thank you.ㅡ

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