Change of Guild's gold depository and withdraw
 2018-12-24 10:18:43.0   [GM]Master

Notice on change of Guild's gold depository function and withdraw

We are changing the function of Guild's gold depository. 

You can make deposit but you can not withdraw anymore and for that we recommend you to deposit only for the amount  that your guild requires to spend. 

Any guild who needs to withdraw gold, we urge guild masters to send us email by Wednesday 15:00pm with withdrawal amount. GM will help you to withdraw golds in the order received emails. 

We will reannounce you later by email.

83 mulbaimma 256784
86 ChoE 256652
90 RAYITA 231705
91 Excel 211136
89 JuSaKi_RN 201656
90 Marten 197230
91 -Fantastic_ 192243
90 Masterpiece 191990
93 MokSSonDa 186598
87 RubySphere 179561