New Year's Event III - Happy February
 2018-01-25 20:36:40.0   [GM]Master

New Year's Event III - Happy February

Thank you for your consistant love and affection on our ROW! 

We are spending sleepless times to prepare new revolution of the year 2018 to give you new fun and excitement. 

We know that it is not easy to satisfy both balance between species and excitement. However, we are keep putting our best effort to give you more fun through various events and efforts. 

We are opening a new event for the upcominh February. 

We are also preparing a new client to open it up under test mode. 

New client is in the preliminary stage to increase the quality of our various screens. New client is prepared together with users participation to remove bugs and to provide  more pleasant game environment. We still have many things to solve but to grow our ROW with our users, we've decided to open up the test client. 

We also start a Treasure Chest Event. All of regular monsters will drop a Bronze Key with low odd. 

You can get Gold and Silver Keys through quests. Only those who put their best effort will get good items by opening treasure chests. Get your keys to open those treasure chests for your luck!

Lastly, for new Boss Event, some boss are relocated and removed. 

For detailed information, please refer to the UPDATE board. 

We, Youxiland, will go on our best effort. We will keep putting our effort and resource for online marketing. 

Beloved users! The illegal servers are damaging and ruining our ROW. We really hope that those illegal servers realize what they are doing and they are harming our beloved users by infringing copy right . 

We recommend you and wish you to play ROW safely and under the protection of official authentic provider.

88 yosht 354018
86 JuIiet 300572
89 BeIla 287232
90 DlLL 284624
82 fireheal 284092
80 Xa-Thu-VN 266800
90 -----W----- 249744
90 -Fantastic_ 243289
84 DeathAngel 242692
90 BLackDevil 240488