Attention to the glorious 5th anniversary event!
 2022-03-29 11:20:29   Maaaa11

Greetings from ROW team.

It has been already years since we launched ROW for the first time.

We promise to continuously run ROW and provide you with better service to make users really enjoy ROW.

As per our past announcement, there had been a huge change on the ROW management team in Taiwan, and it sometimes delayed the responding service. 

Therefore, now we rebuilt the management team and has operated them to prevent the item leaking and illegal trade when playing. The team also has been taking a major action to prevent the copy and generation of items through serial numbers as well.

And we achieved several results as below.

1. We have a task force team for the item management (for intensive management the problems with items which occurs by GM’s mistake)

2. We secured the server stability and the defence against the network attack

3. We developed a systematic management tool to trace the records

In addition, the 5th anniversary, which was originally scheduled for March, will be held on 8th April. Your participation is highly welcome.

We will try our best to not only come up to your expectations but also to provide the reliable service for a pleasant playing environment.

Also, we will look forward to your continuous support.

Thank you very much.