Mall Point $$$ Event
 2019-11-25 12:43:25   [GM]Matte

Mall Point $$$ Event


Thank you for loving ROW.

ROW includes massive battles and offers users the best balance of MMORPG. We appreciate your support.

We will start the Mall Point $$$ Event to finish November.

The details are below

1.Date and time: November 22, 00:00 AM – December 10, 23:59 PM 

2.Event Details: We will provide $2,000 worth mall point through the events. Characters reach level 80 during the event. Account registered after November 22 

3.Eligibility: Only characters who have reached level 80, and post captured image on “General Discussion” with character name and level. can participate in the event 

4.Event award: $2,000 worth mall point will be provided to the users. Winners will be selected by drawing. 

5.Method of award: Winner will be drawn and awarded from the users who post captured image at “General Discussion” on the website 

6. Draw date: December 13. 2019

Thank you

Best/ Regard ROW Team