Adjustment for Empty Kryo Box
 2020-09-03 08:10:35   [GM]Matte

Thank you for supporting ROW.

We have received suggestions about the Empty Kryo Box. 

Our team has decided to make adjustments with Empty Kryo Box.

The changes are below:

1. Empty Kryo Box is now available at Item Mall.

2. 100 Empty Kryo Box is for 120 points.

3.  Empty Kryo Box will be tradable between users after the update on September 4th, 2020. 

**Empty Kryo Box: 

-With an Empty Kryo box, users can get Gems by putting two of the same Gems. 

-There is NPC in Pirate Town that can change gems into another gem. You can't use Perfect Gems.

We hope these changes can help users to obtain Gems that you need to upgrade your gear. 

Thank you 

Best Regard/ ROW Team