Service Agreement

Effective Date: December 15, 2016.

Chatper 1. General Rules and Regulations

Article 1. General Rules

The purpose of this agreement is to stipulate the terms and conditions of using the Internet-based service of the contents developed and published by Youxiland Digital Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company")

Article 2. Effects of and Changes to User Agreement

1. The contents of this agreement are available online through the website provided by the Company. The agreement comes into effect only after the User has given consent by clicking the "Agree" button on the website.

2. Provided that the Company has reasonable causes, the Company can partly or wholly modify this agreement, given that the modifications comply with the applicable laws. Any modifications will be notified to the public via the "news" section of the website.

3. Complying with this agreement includes agreeing to visit the website on a regular basis and checking up on modifications made to the articles. The Company will not be responsible for any damages resulting from the User's lack of knowledge of such modifications.

4. Any subject matter not elucidated in this agreement follows the regulations concerning the promotion of information and communications network, organic law concerning electronic communication, commercial law concerning electronic communication, criminal law, civil law, and other relevant regulations.

Article 3. Definitions of Terms

1. 'Service' refers the use of contents of the website through the internet.

2. 'User' is a person who has obtained an account by agreeing to the terms of use to be provided with the service. User is alternately referred to as User(s) or Customer(s).

3. 'Service Agreement' refers to the agreement with the Company to use services provided by the Company.

4. 'Account ID' refers to the combinations of English letters and numbers by the User and approved by the Company in order to distinguish each Customer and to allow access to the services.

5. 'Password' refers to the combination of letters and numbers selected by the User and registered by the Company to verify the User identification and to protect the User's rights and interests.

6. 'Game Character' (hereinafter referred to as 'Character') refers to the game information included in the Account ID selected and controlled by the User.

7. 'Premium Service' refers to the account that Users use as their personal fixed-rate system of payment.

8. 'Standard Service' refers to the account that Users use as their personal fixed-quantity system of payment.

9. 'Free Service' refers to services that are not Premium Service or Standard Service.

10. 'Administrator' refers to the individual appointed by the Company for general administration and effective management of the games.

Chapter 2. Establishment of Service Agreement

Article 4. Service Agreement

1. Service Agreement shall be established upon User's consent to the User agreement and the Company's approval.

2. Service Agreement shall be established per each ID for individual Customers and per ID for corporate Customers.

3. User's character ID is tied to the user directly.

4. Service Agreement shall commence with the registration process established by the Company and terminate with its secession. If the User has given inaccurate information when he joins as a member, the Company has every right to terminate or restrict the User's use. Furthermore, if the Company classifies a User as an illegal user for behaviors violating the Company's regulations, the Company can place restrictions on the User, restrain and block him in order to protect other Users.

Article 5. Approval of Use

1. The Company may approve or disapprove and delay the approval of one's registration according to the following conditions.

a) User's registered name is not a real name.

b) Illegal use of another person's name.

c) Information provided by the Customer is found to be false, omitted, or inaccurate.

d) Payments of the service fee through the use of others' possession without consent.

e) Activity deemed as causing damage to the Company.

f) Activity that is offensive to public order or morals.

g) The Company has technical problems and/or other reasons

h) Other valid reasons to consider the User as having hindered the Company's regular operation.

Article 6. Termination of Use

1. The Service Agreement will be terminated in the following cases.

a) Expiration of Service Agreement, unless User has applied for an extension of the agreement.

b) If the Company finds that the User has violated or is in violation of any of the terms within the Service Agreement.

c) A Free Service account that has not been logged in the game for the past 1 year.

Article 7. Service Fees

1. Types of Service fees are as follows:

a) Premium Service: the Company bills the User for a previously agreed-upon amount on a monthly basis.

b) Standard Service: the Company bills the User based on the amount of cyber money.

c) Free Service is free, and there are no restrictions in playing the game.

2. The specific time period, rates, and method of payment follows the announcements made by the Company online.

3. All Fees and Charges are non-refundable.

4. User has complete responsibility for his/her fee payment, thus User is responsible for managing financial accounts in order to prevent fraud.

Chapter 3. Responsibilities

Article 8. Company's Responsibilities

1. The Company shall take care of Customers' suggestions and complaints in a timely manner if they are deemed to be reasonable.

2. The Company shall not use the Customers' personal information for any other purposes other than service provision. Except in cases, when there is an official request for the purpose of a legal investigation, the personal information may not be disclosed.

3. The Company shall use its best efforts to provide stable and continuous services. However, natural disasters, emergencies, or other unavoidable cases are of exception.

4. The Company shall protect the Customers' personal information in ways that meet the regulations set by the law. Protection of the Customers' personal information follows related laws and privacy policies set by the Company.

Article 9. User's Responsibilities

1. User must provide factual information when User enters essential personal information. Users who registered with false information are not eligible for any informational or legal protection provided by the Company.

2. The User must immediately notify the Company of any changes to their email accounts and other information previously provided.

3. The User has responsibility to manage his/her account and password.

4. Users shall not participate in the following activities when using the services provided by the Company.

a) Distributing contents that may breach copyright and intellectual property rights within or outside the game or websites without the Company's permission.

b) Advertisement or promotion of products or services of another Company within the range of the Company's services or the website.

c) Transferring or selling for cash one's account and/or items to another person. The Company holds the rights and authority of the Users' characters, items, and all other information acquired through the game.

5. User shall not violate other people's rights by using the services in violation of the public order or morals.

6. The User must abide by this agreement and related laws, and shall not damage the Company's reputation or cause interferences to the Company's operation.

7. User must read notices posted on the website on regular basis.

8. The Company is not responsible for any problems that may arise between or among Users within the range of services.

Chapter 4. Use of Services, Restrictions, and Suspension

Article 10. Contents of the Services and Modifications

1. The Company provides its Users with games, activities, and other services.

2. The Company can modify the game contents, patches, or other contents necessary for the operation of the game via online and offline updates at any time.

3. The Company shall notifies the Users of matters relating to maintenance/inspection of the service system, modified agreement, operation of the game, game updates and additions of the game through the Company website. Users must visit the website on a regular basis to check for any notices. The Company shall not be liable for damages incurred by User resulting from his/her failure to check the notices on a regular basis.

Article 11. Suspension of Services or Termination of the Agreement

1. The Company may temporarily suspend in cases of war, natural disaster, or similar national emergency situations.

2. The Company can temporarily suspend its service to improve the quality of services such as inspection of IT facilities, regular inspection, or for operational purposes. The Company shall notify the Users of the reason and duration of the suspension.

3. Customer may request for termination of agreement and/or suspension of service for personal reasons.

4. This Service Agreement shall be considered terminated at the end of service period.

5. The Company may terminate the Service Agreement or suspend its service for a limited time without prior notice if the User violates Article 9 and/or causes damages to the Company, either inadvertently or intentionally. In this case, the User shall be liable for all damages incurred by the Company.

6. A Free Service account that has not been logged in the game for the past 1 years.

7. After the termination of the Service Agreement, the Company can modify or delete any material posted by the User without prior notification.

Chapter 5 Compensation for Damages

Article 12. Immunity from Responsibility and Compensation for Damages

1. The Company shall not be liable for service suspension caused by national emergency, natural disasters, strikes, war, power cuts, and other inevitable situations.

2. The Company shall not be liable for service suspension or errors in the use of service due to the User's conditions and faults.

3. The Company shall not be liable for damages due to internet service error caused by internet service provider.

4. The Company shall not be liable for service suspension or error caused by regular check-ups, replacement, addition of facilities and other inevitable reasons that have been notified in advance.

5. The Company shall not be liable for damages incurred by User due to lags and access delays caused by reasons the Company cannot identify.

6. The Company shall not be responsible for the accuracy and integrity of the contents of documents and the information posted on websites.

7. The Company shall not be liable for a User's losses resulting from his/her own intentions or negligence.

8. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by disputes among Users or disputes between Users and a third party.

9. The Company shall not be liable to compensate for damages caused by the Free Service