Enchanter's Trip Skill Bug report.
 2021-08-05 10:51:10   huskyvoice
I had already posted this Issue at general discuss categories. but many players don't understand the problem.

As u know, Trip skill is same single target skill from 1-1 ~ 2-6 

(differently with Fire, Ice, Lightining, Shock, Rot, Shackle, These skills change to Area skill from 2-0 skill, So these Skill's 2-0~2-4 are the Weaker than 1-6's single target magic damage. That is reasonable and sensible situation becuase 2-0 ~ 2-4 are Area target skill not single target)

what it mean?

Trip skill's damage and holding time should increase step by step from 1-1 ~ 2-6, proportionally because from 1-1 to 2-6 are same single target.

But, Trip 2-0~2-4 are the less damage and the shorter holding time than trip 1-6. -> more casting shorter holding time and , less damage, so ridiculous.

This is Bug of misspecification.

please fix it.