Announcement for Next move
 2019-02-28 16:18:33.0   [GM]Master

Hi, this is GM MASTER, executive director of operations.

We are working really hard to provide fair and clean operation and service to our users.

It's already March of 2019. In sending New Year's Day celebrations and Chinese New Year's Day, we thought a lot about changing or providing new services in 2019.

Two years ago, since the Grand Open, we have always appreciated the advice and interests of our users and promised our service to the extent that we don't make many changes.

But we all know that MMORPG can be more exciting when there is new stuff to explore that always keep the community active and alive.

Although ROW, which values war, has been quite passive about big changes so far, we think a little bit more changes can shine the game even more.

Here is our rough plan for 2019.

1- We will unveil four maps as soon as possible and introduce a new type of war.

It's still taking time to develop and repair current existing maps yet, but we'll reveal it when we're ready through enough testing.

2- We'll repair the balance. Don't worry, We’re not going to touch a lot of things.

We already fixed a few overpowered Evolution accessories about a year ago. It was a minor part so it hasn't changed much though, but we apologize for not announcing our proposal for Warriors a year ago.  Finding and fixing errors on the formula regarding Damage/Defense is one of our obligations. We are sorry again that we didn't make an announcement about it because we thought that was one of the simple minor bugs.

There are also a few other things that have been fixed, such as Attacker's damage and Cleric's stun effect range bug(Not changed since 1 year ago). And there's one thing that's been modified recently: the Sorceress’ magic and the Rune magic.

We're going to continue to watch the game and fine-tune the right balance (There won't be any drastic changes).

3- We will prepare more new weapons and armors and release them soon.

Developing new weapons and armor with fixed specs, however, is a complicated work because of the game balance, so it will take more time to be done.

Those items can be released with Map 4 and they will be smeltable items.

We will also release items for Lvl. 90 and design brand-new set items in the future. (but we are expecting that it will take at least one year to develop and update these contents.)

4- We want to be more active in communication with you. We have been already talking about ROW on our Discord server, but we would like to talk to each other through more various channels(email, etc.).

5- We will soon begin partial support of the Korean language since Korean users are still playing ROW a lot. So, for more convenient, we are planning to support the names of items and monsters in the Korean text.

We gently apologize that we cannot support all the scripts in the game in Korean. Also, please understand that we are supporting the languages in order of countries with a large number of users. (Language support for Taiwanese and Chinese is not planned.)

6- Social media marketing will be conducted in the Asian region. We will actively promote ROW with the financing of YOUXILAND up to $ 30,000. And very soon, the second event for $1,000 Amazon gift card will begin.

All staffs from YOUXILAND are always grateful for your enthusiastic participation.

We will do our best to provide you an excellent experience and the happiest moment with ROW.

Thank you.

ROW GM team

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