The status of Youxiland Digital’s Game server.
 2019-01-09 13:41:12.0   [GM]Master

Hello, our pleasant users

We, Youxiland Digital are very grateful for your expectations and participation.

We also try to listen and respond to a lot of requests and opinions from users around the world.

We have recently filed legal complaints against many illegal servers, YouTube and Facebook content. We will continue to strive to protect these copyright protection efforts and your assets(accounts).

We received a lot of attention from in MMORPG gamers around the world, and we've been thinking about adding servers that don't have a Lag(delay) for a variety of services.

We also prepared a Taiwan service for this ROW, which is the property of Taiwan. And recently, we're ready to build a new server in the USA area to serve North America and Europe users.

We are officially operating as listed below.

1. – Asian-based(Server: Hongkong) multilingual(English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.) services

2. – Taiwan-based(Server: Taiwan) Traditional Chinese Service

3. - North America-based(Server: Western United States) English service

For those of you who have played on, We will keep trying to provide better service. And New server that is being built is going to be somewhat conservative. (Level-up is difficult and equipment manufacture has a high level of difficulty) 

Please support our official service in the future and we will continue to work harder.

Now, and are doing a big promotion.

But don’t worry. Our successful will continue to be enhanced through continuous content additions(higher priority) and Asian market advertising.

**It is impossible to transfer account data to other servers

Thank you

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